Our Goals

  1. Develop a clear statement of the desired outcomes of future water policy in our region for developing a sustainable desert community that includes healthy natural systems.
  2. Engage community and water policy officials in defining and prioritizing water to meet community needs for:
    - restoring key elements of ecological systems such as riparian vegetation, in-stream base flow, and sustainable groundwater resources
    - irrigating urban green corridors to increase our tree canopy and edible landscape, and reduce the urban heat island effect
    - restoring the regional aquifer to provide a buffer against the uncertainty of future water supplies
  3. Educate our community about declining water supplies, so they can participate in decision- making on planning and policy, including a process that evaluates options on how best to allocate reduced supply.
  4. Promote interest in the role of healthy natural systems in the dialogue on water policy.
  5. Use quantified values for natural resources (ecological services, wildlife, recreational, scenic, etc.) to better explain their value to residents, political officials, planners, and other interest groups.
  6. Proactively contribute to water policies developed by local, regional, and state governing bodies and water providers, and ensure these processes and policies are equitable and inclusive of vulnerable populations.
  7. Promote water conservation as a primary solution and the use of renewable and locally generated water sources, including rain and storm water, greywater, and effluent.