What we do

The Community Water Coalition works to:

  • encourage local leadership to act in the best interest of sustainable water policy for our region
  • inform the public on important issues related to water security, quality and use
  • engage statewide networks to respond to threats that impact our local watershed

A sample of our work

Here are just a few of the issues the Community Water Coalition has worked to address since our inception.

Working with the City to ensure a strong Tucson Water Service Area Policy

The Citizen’s Water Advisory Committee released their draft recommendations for amendments to the Tucson Water Service Area Policy in December 2012. The recommendations contained a number of elements that raised concerns for the Coalition, so we launched a coordinated effort to ensure that the Service Area Policy remained in tact. After drafting two comment letters and attending public meetings to express our concerns, Coalition representatives met individually with each of the City Council members and Mayor Rothschild. All the Council members and the Mayor were supportive of the Coalition’s position and ensured us that they remain committed to a strong Service Area Policy.

Download the Community Water Coalition letters to Mayor and Council on this issue: November 4, 2011, January 24, 2012, and May 3, 2013.

Partnering with the City & County to promote restoration

The Community Water Coalition has the lead role in an effort to identify uses for the Conservation Effluent Pool (CEP)—10,000 acre feet of reclaimed wastewater set aside by the City of Tucson and Pima County for use in environmental projects. In 2000, the CEP was established through an agreement between the City of Tucson and Pima County, but to date no projects have been implemented using this pool of water. In October 2012, the Coalition brought together stakeholders to form a task force to identify potential projects that can utilize the CEP. Representatives from the Coalition, the City of Tucson, Pima County, and Pima Association of Governments have met regularly to establish selection criteria for future projects and identify possible future restoration sites.

In July 2014, the task force released it’s final report, including recommendations for 13 potential restoration sites. We will continue to work with various stakeholders to seek additional sites, refine the approval process, and eventually implement restoration projects using this valuable resource.

Download the Community Water Coalition–led Conservation Effluent Pool Task Force final report.

Informing the public on important water-related issues

Consistent with the goal of educating our community, the Community Water Coalition takes an active role in informing the public of water-related issues that are pertinent to the future of water in Tucson. A few of our publicly issued statements are available here.

Read our Effluent Recharge platform statement online

Read our Hydro-Regional platform statement online

Download our Shallow Groundwater Restoration platform statement or read it online.

Read our Integrated Watershed Planning statement online

Download our Rosemont Copper Mine platform statement or read it online.

Download our 2012 op-ed on Rosemont Mine or read it at the Arizona Daily Star website.